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About Mantra

I am worthy. I am becoming. I choose me.

While reciting these words in the mirror, these remarks might seem like lies instead of empowering mottos. At Mantra Salon, words of self-love are just the start of a journey towards feeling simply stunning inside and out. With the help of a sisterhood of stylists and encouragement, doting on yourself suddenly becomes a form of self-indulgence and honoring your worth instead of regular maintenance.

Exterior shot of Mantra Salon

Humble Roots

Owner Monica Voth always wanted to open a salon that empowered women. She started her own salon in 2008 in the basement of her home focusing on cuts and colors. For the next six years, Monica’s 9th Avenue Salon and Spa consumed her drive and passion. But as her business grew, she wanted to do more.

It wasn’t until 2014 that Mantra finally emerged. Monica moved her salon from her basement to the Regency Plaza in downtown St Cloud. It was no longer a solo effort; she developed a team of stylists. To include her growing sisterhood in her business’s future Monica rebranded. During the changing tide emerged Mantra.

Mantra is a Sanskrit term used during meditation to lead with intention. Mantras are words or phrases that you live by. Mantra’s incantation quickly became beauty on the inside and the outside. Monica wanted every client who walked through Mantra’s doors to go through a metamorphosis of self-love and acceptance. To her, Mantra is much more than a salon about improving your outer image, it’s about doting on yourself to remind yourself of your impeccable worth.

After one final move in 2019, Mantra rooted itself into its current location, nestled in between Rush and White Horse in downtown St Cloud. Juxtaposed against St Cloud’s historic, brick facade, Mantra has carved out a secluded oasis for its clients. Walking through the doors, plant tendrils welcome visitors into an environment that focuses on finding zen and emphasizes beauty is much more than your outer appearance. With seven styling stations, two spa rooms, manicure stations and boutique, Mantra cultivates a sphere of love and acceptance for its clients. From the moment clients walk through the door, they are embraced with positive affirmations.

The Mantra Sisterhood

The stereotype of salons is an outdated misconception formulated decades ago – women gathered under hairdryers gossiping about their neighbors. Mantra rejects this notion and instead strives to create deeper bonds between the team of stylists and their clients. Between the joyous banter and uplifting environment, Mantra devotes all its energy to its clients.

Like the glass vase of dried flower petals on Monica’s hair station, a memory of one of her closest clients. It was a client that came in and always requested, “Surprise me.” She encouraged Monica to take risks and try new things. They formed an intense amount of trust and a close-knit bond. It’s relationships like this that Monica wants all her stylists and clients to have.

Mantra focuses on education and providing continued learning for its stylists. This also means making the best informed and educated choices about their product offerings and services. Mantra prides itself on offering hair products that are organic, vegan, gluten-free, and paraben- and sulfate-free. The salon fully encompasses practices that boost healthy living and wellbeing.

Investing in a Better Future

After 25 years of doing hair, Monica has developed her tribe of passionate, empowering women. Each day at Mantra starts with the intention to do more. Between giving back to St Cloud’s flourishing downtown community or investing in its clients self-image, Mantra instills the priority to only add positivity to the community.

Mantra is a supporter of Big Brothers and Big Sisters as well as St Cloud’s growing downtown. The salon focuses on making connections and helping organizations thrive towards brighter futures.